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Acquisition Of Land For The Grand Concourse
Bronx Issues
Bronx-- A Separate County (part one)
Bronx--A Separate County (part three)
Bronx--A Separate County (part two)
Civic Bureau Activities
Civic Concerns
Civic Concerns Over Health, Sanitation And Recreation
Colleges, Schools and Libraries
Death of Louis A. Risse; and Tri-borough Bridge
Film Companies and Rifles
Grand Boulevard And Concourse
Hero of The General Slocum Disaster
Honoring Patriots
Mark Twain and Joseph Rodman Drake
Parks For New York City
Roads, Colleges and Schools
State Chamber Anti-Spy Resolution; And Local Street Conditions
Subway Fares, Expressways and Housing Developments
Transportation Improvements Proposed
Transportation Needs; and Home Rule For Schools
Yankee Stadium And Road Improvements