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Berkley [sic] Express Co for city delivery, Apr. 30, 1929
Cincinnati Museum Association, Eden Park, Mar 25, 1929
Circus Horses [?]
Delivery receipt from California Palace of the Legion of Honor to Denver Art Museum, February 2, 1928
Joseph Pollet to Mrs. Force, December 28th, 1930
Joseph Pollett to Mrs. Force
Paintings by Joseph Pollet : exhibition, January 2-January 19, 1929
Secretary to the director, Cincinnati Museum Association, to Mrs. Force, March 25, 1929
Statement : Joseph Pollet, Feb. 19, 1929
Stock book B #2
Taken by Mr. Pollet, Mar. 13, 1929
The Committee [form letter] to undisclosed recipients, n.d.
To Budworth for Cincinnati Museum Ass'n [sic], April
Traveling Show
Traveling Show
Traveling Show exhibits
Varian, Feb 11