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Be Sure and Try These on Your Piano [advertisement]
Blasius, Albrecht and Regent Pianos and Piano Players [advertisement]
"When the Flowers Bloom in Spring-time" "Molly Dear" [advertisement]
When the Twilight Comes to Kiss the Rose 'Good-Night [advertisement]
Standard Song Favorites [advertisement]
Standard Song Favorites [advertisement]
The  Marvelously Successful Compositions of John Philip Sousa [advertisement]
Try These on Your Piano [advertisement]
Liberty Bell March [advertisement]
A Thematic List of Popular Pieces [advertisement]
S. Bierach, Fine Stationer, Dealer in Sheet Music, Music Books, Musical Instruments,&c.
Largest and Best Assorted Stock of Sheet Music
The Big Hits from "The Rise of Rosie O'Reilly" [advertisement]
Look for the Silver Lining [advertisement]
Try These on Your Piano [advertisement]
Oh, I'm So Lonesome [advertisement]
Don't Tell Her That You Saw Me [advertisement]
Good Luck, 1880. Holiday Greeting. 1881, B and B Bazar, Fine Stationery and Music
Alphonzo Smith Offers His Large and Extensive Assortment of Piano-Fortes and Organs of All the Leading Makers
Francis, Day & Hunter's Successful Dance Novelties [advertisement]
Latest Successes [advertisement]
A. Varela Bookplate
Maria Gerard Messenger Bookplate
Käthe Mende Bookplate
Geraldine, Countess of Mayo Bookplate
MTI Bookplate
Alice Lucie Blakely Bookplate
Mary Field Bookplate
Isabella L. Whittier Bookplate
Marie Magdalene Gräfin zu Leiningen Westerburg Bookplate
Marie Magdalene Gräfin zu Leiningen Westerburg Bookplate
Rosa Fernkorn Bertuch Bookplate
Margaret Hunter Scott Bookplate
Marcella Sembrich Bookplate
Hedwig Scheiner Bookplate